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What's your favorite way to read a book?


[A] E-book
[B] Paperback
[C] Hardcover
[D] Other


I'm going with A for the convenience, although there's something to miss about that tangible quality of physically holding and turning each page. A physical book's got character that the ebook just can't match. Ever notice the scent of a physical book?

Well, does it have the e-ink display? The e-ink is very easy on my eyes. The LCD displays like on a smartphone or tablet, start to strain the eye and I find myself dozing off into never never land.
I don't know. I just got the android tablet but most things including kindles give me migraines. I shall test this out soon
Okay an Android tablet will be an LCD display, it's going to be similar to a computer screen. I read on my Android tablet when I'm lazy and don't feel like getting my Kindle (e-reader, not a kindle fire tablet) You should definitely look into an e-reader (kindle, nook, etc.) The screen isn't LCD and it's MUCH easier on the eyes, which could quite well reduce your migraine issue. Let me know if it helps if you get one. I hope it will help!
That really stinks. Did you try one with no lighting? Mine is the version before the Paperwhite, there's no lighting at all...
I'm not sure I have. I have to get this one going to see how I do. Or just read in shorter bursts . Right now I can't make it show the download (it had a user manual akin to the crap you get with the build it yourself furniture, i.e. useless. I need to find time to go online and look some of this up)
Here's an experiment for you. Try reading on electronic devices while wearing sunglasses. Let me know if you try it and whether that helps...