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What's your favorite way to read a book?


[A] E-book
[B] Paperback
[C] Hardcover
[D] Other


I'm going with A for the convenience, although there's something to miss about that tangible quality of physically holding and turning each page. A physical book's got character that the ebook just can't match. Ever notice the scent of a physical book?

Wow really? You sold it? The main thing I don't like about Kindle is that half the time, the Kindle prices are higher than the paperback. I also don't like how I've got so many books overfilling the house. It gets too cluttered!!!
So how does that bookcrossing site work? Say someone wants your book, I'd assume there's a shipping cost involved? Who pays for that? The site does sound interesting, I may like to discuss further!
So then you know everyone in "real life" from on there?

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