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What's your favorite way to read a book?


[A] E-book
[B] Paperback
[C] Hardcover
[D] Other


I'm going with A for the convenience, although there's something to miss about that tangible quality of physically holding and turning each page. A physical book's got character that the ebook just can't match. Ever notice the scent of a physical book?

Paperback. I tried e-books and I realized it's not for me. It's convenient, sure. But there's nothing like touching paper and feeling the weight of a book in your hand. Also, the smell of paper.

Most interesting thing, I was on a flight from here (los angeles) to Florida back in June 2012 and I noticed that everyone on my flight had tablets or e-readers. I had a connecting flight in Kansas City. Everyone on that flight had books!

I just recently rediscovered my library card. It's been fun reading for free :)
That is interesting. Pace of life? At our library we're able to check out an ebook, however most ebooks have super long wait lists. I should definitely look into it again. There's this book I want to read after I finish A Walk To Remember, something with a Bob the cat, I forget. I'm gonna try paperback next!
The midwest is definitely a totally different pace of life. I have family in MO, so I've visited a few times. It's so different.

Our library lends out Ebooks too, although I've never looked into it. "A Street Cat Named Bob"? Looks amazing!!
Yes...that's it! I've got to go check the library first as it's a little on the expensive side. Books add up quickly!!