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What's your favorite way to read a book?


[A] E-book
[B] Paperback
[C] Hardcover
[D] Other


I'm going with A for the convenience, although there's something to miss about that tangible quality of physically holding and turning each page. A physical book's got character that the ebook just can't match. Ever notice the scent of a physical book?

My favorite is the one I can find when I want it. I love books in all forms. I've been reading on a hand-held electronic device since 1990, so I was in early on the ebook thing. And I still have those original ebooks which I keep updating the format for so my new readers can still use them (thank you, calibre). But I still read paper and hardback. I do like having some books, particularly ones I find inspirational, locally, and frequent rereads in etext.
But I don't use electronics on Fri/Sat so I will always want enough paper books to get me through that.
Wow, that's really cool. I had no idea there were devices like that in 1990. What was that, a PDA? I have a whole stack of paperbacks to get to. Every once in a while I mix in one. I also have a back log on my kindle though. There isn't enough time in the day!!
It was a PalmPilot. My friend had the first generation and he loved it so much and it addressed so many needs that I got the second generation when it came out. Ironically, my primary need at the time was a book database. I had a problem with buying too many books, anything I thought looked interesting, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't buying duplicates, or if I was, that it was a value-add, for example, a different translation of a book, or different illustrations, or whatever. My database has expanded and changed formats and survived a few conversions, but I'm still using it. It's a bit out of date and I'm terrible about keeping up with ebooks, even though my last structure change was to add a format to help me keep things organized. (Like not buying one book of a series, like The Dresden Files in nook format and another in Kindle)
Wow yea, I could see how duplicates woulda get terribly expensive! Do you use a smartphone out tablet for managing it all now?
My database is on my smartphone, because it needs to be with me when there's a danger of me buying a book (and there's always that danger). I have an iPhone and an iPad so reading can be done on either.
Lol, you're funny (not in a negative way.) How many books do you read on average in any given year?
Honestly, I have no idea. At one point I was doing the 50 book challenge, not because I thought there was ever a danger of not reading 50, but mostly because I wanted to track new reads, but I'm dreadful at keeping up with it.

Also, it depends how you define books. Do you count rereads? Do you count graphic novels (although I only read one or two a year, and nearly always of books I already have like the Dresden series or Gail Carriger, or tie-ins like the Derek Storm novels)? Do you count those cheap trashy Harlequin microbooks (2-300 pages)that take like an hour and a half per book? 'cause I read a LOT of those. None of those counted towards my 50 book total when I did the 50bc, 'cause they barely qualify as reading.
This hasn't been a good month for me, readingwise, because my extra-curricular time has been taking up with several projects, including planning the Miss's 3rd birthday party. With that in mind, I've read 7 Harlequins; 3 paperback, 4 ebook. I've reread the majority of Harry Potter, just still working on the last book in ebook, sorta as time allows, and I'm on the third story of Dangerous Women. And my backlog is growing exponentially. When I'm finished with Harry Potter on ebook, I will either go back to the Harlequins to pick up the new books I got on sale at Christmas, or reread Lois McMaster Bujold's Chalion series. Possibly both; possibly simultaneously since they're in different apps.

And thank you. I'm probably funny in both ways. :)