The last book I read and couldn't put down was just recently. I haven't read a book for fun in quite a while, but I picked up The Hunger Games for $0.50 last week and finished it very quickly. The whole while I wasn't reading it, I was picturing scenes in my mind, wishing I was reading it.
I've read the first book. I still have to pick up the sequels, and I'm going to. Here's the thing about that book. I didn't think in terms of the actual writing it was anything mind blowingly awesome, but the plot was unique and it all flowed together nicely. That book, along with a few others, actually got me thinking how with my own writing I don't always need to try and write the perfect sentence. I have an issue with trying to perfect myself to the point where I'm dragging out the project for years. I don't know, I hope that this is my year, I think it will be...finally. Hey, Happy Valentine's Day!
I still haven't picked up the sequels yet.

You're right, though. It's not so perfectly written, but that fits the character, the story line, etc. My history teacher pulled up an excerpt of "Absalom, Absalom" to show us how long, and just about perfect, Whitman's sentences could be. Then he pulled up an of a piece by Hemingway to show us the short choppy sentences that still sounded just as good as the long, flowing ones. Each style fit the story. I feel like Collins did a great job with that.

I hope this is your year, too! I gave up trying to write a while back. I have wonderful ideas, but I tear myself down every time I try. I feel like I write on a fifth grade level. I could probably write YA decently, but I keep aiming for more adult-like content, you know? Maybe when I'm finally done with college, I'll pick the pen back up.
Well, I say if you want to write, do it when you can if for no other reason that the practice!! You know, there's a trillion people out there all writing books, some say there are more writers than there are readers. Point being, practice, practice, practice. Only very few will ever succeed from a writing for a living standpoint.
Lord of the Rings was great. Have you ever read any of the Shannara series by Terry Brooks?
I read it when I was young but I stopped reading it in the early 90s so I haven't seen the last decade worth
I could, before I had kids. Now I fall asleep instantaneously if I try to read in bed.