How will you spend V-Day

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With Valentine’s Day approaching faster than the finish line to an Olympic sprinter in the one hundred yard dash, let us not forget to do something special tomorrow for that other person in our life. Even if you’re a last minute, down to the wire type like me, you’ve still got just enough time to batten down the hatches, board up all the windows, and get the entire plan in order so game time is a success. Flowers, a card, and dinner are nice, but be a little creative and think up something better than just signing your name to a piece of card board bought at the store. We don’t need to be perfect writers to say something from the heart, just rub a little elbow grease into it and be true with your words. That’s the part that counts, and the part that will be remembered. Of course a fancy dinner might score a point or two as well. Why not do both? So what’s your Valentine’s Day plans?