Have you been published?

Do you have any advice?

I have a short story and a few poems, I've tried researching some literary magazines and just don't know where to start/whats legit.
I've not finished a book still, so I'm not published. I can't say I've always been a consistent writer, but I haven't understood how to write a book. That's all starting to change now, it's all clicking into place.

My advice is to build your social networking presence, then self publish. A typical full priced traditionally published novel only nets about $1.25 per copy sold. A $5.99 self published book nets about $4. Unless you're going to be a huge seller, there's no benefit to publishing traditionally (Most people don't ever sell more than 200 copies.) If you can write a good, high quality book that people will like, then you need the social following to sell it to. This is why they are both so important. Remember that there are hundreds of thousands of other authors out there also trying to sell their books. It's a tough business, we really have to work at it and find one fan at a time.

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