Livejournal Themes SEO

Does anyone know any LJ themes that when making a post, will display the author name under the title? So for example, if I make this post it'll show Title and then below that "By 'Name'," with Name being whatever we choose, in my case I'd want Robert A Lyon. To see an example, just go to my website, The reason deals with SEO purposes, or Search Engine Optimization. Especially now with Google Authorship, I want the post to get picked up with my name for better search ranking. Not having the name under the title doesn't help much. If you have no idea what Google Authorship is, have you ever done a web search through Chrome where an occasional result will show the picture of the author? Well if you have, that's Google Authorship, and at least in Chrome searches, Google gives priority now to relevant Authorship posts.

In the past I haven't cared much about any of this and all my posts were friends only, but I've sorted out all my issues and moving forward I know the direction I want to follow. That means I want my posts to be found in search, but they need to be properly optimized in order to be effective.