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Social Capital

Woo-Hoo! I turned on the social capital feature and I'm nearly top 4,000. Probably pretty good considering I barely update this thing. I'm trying to blog more, time is just fleeting like rain drops after a heavy storm. Now for some Game of Thrones, yea baby!!!

By the way, does anyone else use a Word Press Livejournal plugin? I can't figure out how to set LJ-Cut within Wordpress. I have to come here to do it, but then if I make any change in Wordpress, it auto updates to here so I lose the cut tag again. VERY frustrating.

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Nice one! How do you turn on that feature? Would I need a paid account?

Game of Thrones! Whoop! :D
It looks like your social capital is already on....there's a setting in profile....I had to send a support request because my setting was ticked to be counted in rankings, but it was not displaying the rank. If you check in your profile, and the box is ticked to be counted, then you need to file a support request.