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Finally got my desk and chair into my studio.  Now I'm waiting on some equipment.  Can't wait until it's all set up.  Of course I'm gonna have to learn it all which is going to be time consuming.  I spent a couple hours trying to edit this video below and finally gave up, lol.  I've got to find the right software.  For audio I'm using Audacity, although I've just started using it so I'm far from an expert.  Oh well.  In time.

Audacity is really user-friendly, even for someone (like myself) with no experience of audio editing. What are you using for video editing? I just use Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7 - it's uncomplicated and instinctive to use and gives the results you need as long as you're not attempting to make a Michael Bay movie!

Good luck with your podcast/vodcast!
Thanks! I'll check into that software, but I've got to install Windows onto my Mac first. I actually need to buy a new computer soon and I'm debating on which way to go. While my three plus year old Macbook Air still functions well, it's only got 2 GB of ram (non upgradable) and so on a typical day when I have twenty or thirty browser tabs open in addition to Audacity and a video editor, the lagging kicks in and I keep getting the loading circle of death, which tends to annoy me like crazy. I think Apple's version of Windows Movie Maker is iMovie, but it's not free anymore. As of right now the basic editing would probably be okay. For this video I wanted to trim the start and finish (I ended up doing it on YouTube last night with the built in editor, however I've been reading that YouTube isn't the best for search engine optimization for your own website.). I also wanted to remove the audio from my phone and insert the audio from my recorder, however I couldn't figure out the second part. I did find what appears to be a super cheap set of Windows software for anything audio and video related....Avs4you... Whatever I end up getting I'm going to need something where I can create an intro.... This is all stuff I wish I'd have been doing over the last ten years!! It all takes soooo long to learn.

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Ah, well I'm a PC nut so Mac is almost completely alien to me, haha! I find that Macs aren't as intuitive as PCs, but I suppose that might just be because I'm not used to them. It is always nice to be able to open up a PC and stick in a couple of new sticks of RAM or a graphics/sound card upgrade, which is something you can't do with a Mac of course. And it's when you start doing stuff like video/audio editing that insufficient RAM becomes really obvious.
I haven't heard of AVS4U but I see that it has many glowing reviews.