Living the Dream

My studio set up in the loft is coming along nicely. I'm going to post a picture of the entire set up once it's all neat and professional looking. First I've got to hang some sheets or something to block out all the clutter on the sides of the space since those areas are still used for storage. I busted out my old desk from the shed (glad that I saved it) but it faces the back of the chimney (the loft is above the dining room and behind the chimney) and doesn't have the most appealing view, so I've got to do something there as well. I've got my microphone now, and it sounds great, but I've got to test different positions since it picks up every noise from my mouth, even the unwanted ones like if I swallow. I'm working on a letter to post to my website and then I'm going to make an audio recording of it with the new mic. That'll be fun. If you listened to my last audio post with just the voice recorder (the one in this blog post here: ) you'll probably remember that the volume was sorta light. I've learned how to control that now, and have picked up a few other techniques so the next audio post will be an improvement. I'm still waiting on my mixer so I can tweak the audio output (of course I've got to teach myself all that still.) I've also got to find the right video editing software so I can record a video blog every now and then. Audio off my Nexus 5 is terrible, but if I could figure out how to use the audio from my mic set up, the video would suffice for now. Everything just has such a steep learning curve and takes a while to learn. I'm doing a little everyday, and I can say with certainty that I know way more today about website design, search engine optimization, podcasting, and video blogging than I did a couple months ago. It's all coming along rather nicely I suppose. Now I have to finish #writing my #novel so I actually become an #author.

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