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Hauntingly She Strikes

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When I feel scared, this is the place I go.

Hauntingly she moves into my head like always,
and I wonder if this will be the last time.
Prickles on the skin.
There’s two of her in this state,
one merging with the other into a blending
of smirks and squirts and flirts. Love. She sings.
I know her this time. Her name is always the same
in my head even if sometimes she changes shape or
form and sometimes I wonder if I am okay.
I’m not sure about things anymore,
because I’m not sure if I’m here anymore.
Slowly she moves back to me and confines me
and brings me to the cold and to the time of the
monster and the monster takes me and she
is the Icicle Princess and the demon,
and my mind has gone to her for she
suckles my skin and nurtures my bones.
and She is all I have ever known.

Photo Credit: Thank you @iammehow on Instagram
for allowing me use of the photograph.