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blowing up the sun – breathe -

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Whisper these words to me.

If I breathe and you are the air

And I sing and you are the melody
And I write and you are the ink
And I exist and you are the blood
Then you are the everything that completes me, each piece a part of me and each piece a part of you, each piece fitting snuggly into the other even if sometimes we are scattered and bent or even torn. We are the grand design that courses in unity, the engine that pumps – purrs, hums and roars, a destiny that always was and always will be, one to walk into the sun holding hands, an explosion of hearts that turn into us and in an aftermath of life when we c)rumble back down from high all I want is for you to stroke the hair of my head resting in your lap and whisper, “it’ll be alright I promise. it’ll be alright.” I’ll never forget the crackle in your voice when you say those words. It always speaks to me. It always stays. It always haunts.
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