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I will run into the sun and explode for you
your delicate touch all that I seek
to find your features staring upon me
the gaze of a pure being
innocent and free
of nature and earth
sculpted of the gods

Here in this moment
I take you in my arms
a sweet delicate kiss
perfume skin of pearls
lavender lips kiss
delicate arms embrace
my fingers glide against your face
in amber eyes of mist
that lovingly stare
upon me and I open
myself to you
and bare my soul to you.

Cry out to you
in sunshine arms
stretched endlessly
of another life
of clear blue skies
and emerald eyes
sunshine life living free
sunny days ahead with you
by my side
in peace
and harmony.

-Robert A Lyon III

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I really enjoy your journal. You seem like you'd be fun to analyze. (my favorite hobby!) I really dig the "dick wad" poem.
That poem was beautiful. Send me some of your writing abilities in a neat little package, please? :]
i'm actually going to make a poetry/short story journal maybe. kissmylife have you been to my aol homepage? its off there are a few poems easy to read on there...
Hey...was looking at your pics and saw the typical NJDL pic with the turquoise backround and looked to see you are a Jersey boy...where you from in NJ. Im from South Jersey...Camden County to be exact. I'd like to add you as a friend if its ok with you...let me know...

E :o)
yea sure. i'm actually in north jersey, morris cty. i didn't understand what you meant by, "saw the typical NJDL pic." what did you mean? i'm heading off to bed, so i'll add you tomorrow.

_rob :)
hey its hott guy lol :-P. anyways its mel [ _adorkable ] 4m blurty add me here okayyyyy <33
hey uhmm i was reading ur old entries and u wanted to like give away codes? lol if u have any can i have one for my friend? thanks =] and if notits cool ill find 1 lol :-P
i wasn't giving away codes, but i can make a journal. Comment on that entry if your friend wants one, with the name she wants. But I am way backed up right now, so it is going to take some time. Just comment, then by the time I get around to yours, as I try to follow the order, we will see if she has already found one or not.
I really like your journal, I'm adding you to my friends' list. Will you add me back?
I added you...

I look forward to seeing more of yoru writing.
ok...due to my stupid LJ or whatever, my email won't validate and it stuffs up so i now have to comment under annonymous.

i would like to add you to my LJ, i hope that's ok with you...?

i am also a fan of those things and i'm obsessed with others like LOTR and Buffy the vampire slayer but please don't be intimidated by it and don't hesitate to read my LJ coz i love that poem you wrote.

i am currently working on finishing writing my own line of books. they're fantasy books but if you like blood,guts and romance then you'll love my books.

the first one is called "the journey" the second is called "indila's bride" and the third is called "the lady's rose."

based on what i've read, you sound like you know what you're talking about where writing's concerned and i'd like to be too.

check out my LJ and see what you think, i'll add you and i hope you add me back

Curiosity got the best of me, and I'm a complete snoop, anyway. Clicked my way to your website, and I just wanted to tell you how amazing your writing is. I'm blown away, honestly. I wish I had the balls to post my writing, but I'm not exactly keen on other people reading... So props to you for doing all of that, and I hope you find some way to be published, if you haven't already...provided that being published is something you want. Okay, I shall shut my mouth now. :)
Thanks. Of course my goal is to become a published writer, but first I must have a product to market. The process is difficult. One of these days though...
I like the layout of your journal...
I like the layout of your journal...and it IS interesting.
I'm glad I added you.

Re: I like the layout of your journal...
i'll give you a little hint. Don't think I am this layout guru, this is just a generic style, only offered to Paid account holders. :(