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Welcome to Robert A Lyon's Livejournal

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Robert A Lyon
27 December 1890
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Your kiss drifting upon a dream.

She crawled through my eyes...Slithering upon my skin. A creature born in the
infinite heavens.

infinite heavens
   infinite heavens   infiniteheavens infinite heavens 

If God exists, he molded his angels of your likeness,
creating a perfection of unsurpassed beauty,
an eternal flame to warm my heart and guide my way.

>Death has taken ahold
The grasp of the dead chilling.
Long white skeletal skin
Sinks into my being and 
Draws out the fear
Of being incomplete
In life and in love.

I wonder when 
my time will come,
for in the end
I will return to dust
and the earth 
will swallow me as 
the grass grOws green 
and the birth of spring 
begins anew. 
My spirit will stay
and I will live
forever in your heart
for you will never taste Death,
you will live free forever
the bones of the dead will never take you.<


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